Can EdTech harness AI and shape education to meet industry demands?

Can EdTech harness AI and shape education to meet industry demands?

Coursera's GM Hadi Moussa is today's guest
On the podcast today David is joined by Hadi Moussa, General Manager of the Global Consumer Business at EdTech firm Coursera. Discovering the people organizations need to fuel growth, and facing the skills shortage are twin headaches facing many leaders. Working with educational institutions to ease those pains isn't easy, but with 130 million learners Coursera have the data and expertise to help address talent concerns. Also, should under-16s be banned from social, and even stopped from having smartphones? Nicola Gunby, founder at CLIQ, invites David and George to discuss the idea after it was raised in government here in the UK. Spoiler, no one on the podcast agrees!


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