Chivona Newsome tells us how love made New York City 40% safer.

Chivona Newsome tells us how love made New York City 40% safer.

Chivona Newsome, founder of Black Lives Matter GNY, Amit Nigam, VP Product at Beachfront and Thomas J. Vosper, CEO of aisle 3, all joins this weeks' show.
As we observe Black History Month in the USA, Chivona Newsome joins the podcast. The Black Lives Matter Greater New York founder talks about using her corporate career to work in black communities, and continuing the fight her parents and grandparents were part of. How can we make workspaces and communities truly inclusive? We also welcome Amit Nigam, VP Product at Beachfront to tell us about media ad spend during appointment viewing (like the Super Bowl). Plus Thomas Vosper from aisle 3 joins us for a quick update! *This podcast contains the personal views and experiences of Chivona Newsome which do not represent, nor are endorsed by, Nash Squared or it’s related brands (Harvey Nash USA).


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