We explore the science behind collaboration, and the science in music that'll keep you healthy.

We explore the science behind collaboration, and the science in music that'll keep you healthy.

On today's podcast: Sanj Bhayro, GM EMEA for Asana and Ariana Alexander-Sefre, founder and co-CEO of Spoke.
On the show today we talk to two business helping to create environments for healthier, happier, more productive work. Sanj Bhayro is GM EMEA for Asana. In the interview he explores how data is helping inform organisations that collaboration is really about process, not where you are when you work or how many meetings you have. Then David talks to Spoke's founder and co-CEO Ariana Alexander-Sefre. Spoke is using science to link music and health. Want to feel confident for an interview? Spoke has a tailored playlist that'll do the trick. As mentioned in the show you can find extra material from Asana on their website: asana.com/resources


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