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How do you avoid falling out with your cofounder?
September 28, 2023
Today we are joined by Tanis Jorge, Author of The Cofounder’s Handbook, Founder of The Cofounder's Hub
What makes a good working environment? We find out from Tally Workspace.
September 26, 2023
Today we are joined by Jules Robertson co-founder of Tally Workspace.
Why is there so much buzz around the Leeds Digital Festival?
September 21, 2023
Today we are joined by George Fairhall and Anna Sutton.
We revisit Ukraine with Techstack
September 14, 2023
Today we're joined by Ivan Ieremenko, co-founder and CEO of Techstack.
Technology brings hypnosis to the palm of your hand
September 12, 2023
Today we are joined by Ariel Poler, co-founder of Reveri Health.
Master the art of negotiation with an AI-powered chatbot.
September 7, 2023
Rosie Bailey, CEO of Nibble, helps us achieve a win-win negotiation.
What can technology do to tackle the question of sustainability?
September 5, 2023
On today's show David is joined by Uwe Schulte from The Conference Board, and talk about Fairphone.
Gonçalo helps us to understand the power of “the human firewall”
August 31, 2023
Today we welcome Gonçalo Gaiolas, Chief Product Officer at SoSafe
Barclay’s Amy Williams talks about the challenges facing digital leaders
August 29, 2023
Today we are joined by Amy Williams CIO of Barclays UK.
As students get their exams results, we ask if tech can level the education playing-field?
August 24, 2023
YouMakr's co-founder Abbas Moledina joins the show to talk education and access
What do VCs really look for in entrepreneurs?
August 22, 2023
Jane Elizabeth Reddin, Partner at AlbionVC, joins the show to offer fundraising advice for founders
How do you build a community that feels empowered to solve real-world problems?
August 17, 2023
Today we are joined by Hazelcast’s Avtar Raikmo (Head of Platform Engineer) and Fawaz Ghali (Head of Developer Relations).
30% of employees wake up sad or angry. If technology is playing a role how do we fit into this emerging world?
August 15, 2023
Dr Cindy Gordon, CEO and founder of SalesChoice, talks to us about the skills we need for the future of work.
What makes a merger successful?
August 10, 2023
Today we're joined by Sumeet Arora, Chief Development Officer at ThoughtSpot, and Benn Stancil, formerly the Chief Technology Officer at Mode (and now ThoughtSpot)

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