Securing finance and scaling a business; our playbook tips for founders.

Securing finance and scaling a business; our playbook tips for founders.

Dr Anas Nader (CEO of Patchwork Health) and Annalise Dragic (Partner at Sapphire) tell us how you raise money, and grow your business.
On today's show we discussing accessing finance, and growing your business. What should you keep in mind to help your strategy, how will the pressure impact your business and how might your role as founder evolve? First up we speak to Annalise Dragic, Partner at Sapphire, about the 'Soonicorn' list and raising finance, before we chat to Dr Anas Nader, CEO of Patchwork Health. Patchwork have just raised £20 million, and Anas tells us how it's affect his role and his team.


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