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Technology is helping you get specialist care, faster.
June 1, 2023
Today we're joined by Dr Owain Rhys Hughes, CEO and founder of Cinapsis.
How to adopt emerging tech? Throw away your old processes.
May 30, 2023
On today's show we welcome Louwki Coetsee, Group VP Sales & Client Value at Netsurit.
Investing in mental health is investing in productivity.
May 25, 2023
Jawad Bhatti, founder of Spark, talks to us about mental health.
How can automation bring cutting edge mental health to more people?
May 23, 2023
Mandana Ahmadi, PhD talks to us about automation and cutting-edge mental health.
How can the US deal with burnout culture?
May 18, 2023
Jared Mabry, VP Digital Patient Experience at HCA Healthcare, joins David on today's podcast.
We explore the science behind collaboration, and the science in music that'll keep you healthy.
May 16, 2023
On today's podcast: Sanj Bhayro, GM EMEA for Asana and Ariana Alexander-Sefre, founder and co-CEO of Spoke.
What does generative AI mean for marketing professionals?
May 12, 2023
Joining David on the podcast is Semrush's CMO Andrew Warden and Picsarts' CPO Mikayel Vardanyan
Are provisions surrounding privacy in the Online Safety Bill 'magical' thinking?
May 10, 2023
Meredith Whittaker, President of Signal, joins us from Web Summit Rio.
Is innovation in People/HRtech also inclusive?
May 4, 2023
We meet Caitlin Motley of Coca-Cola and Lydia Wu of Panasonic as we wrap up Unleash America.
"How do I stay focused on people matters?" - Capturing the big questions from Unleash America
May 2, 2023
We meet SAP Success Factor's Meg Bear, and HCA's Davita Carpenter at Unleash America.
We meet the Chief Sustainability Officer of Swindon Town Football Club (who also founded Hylo Athletics...)
April 27, 2023
Michael Doughty returns to the podcast to talk about Hylo's new sneakers (we're in the USA this week)
Non-linear careers and made-up professions: Work in 2023
April 25, 2023
On this show we meet Michael Blakley of Equitas, and Anna Buldakova of Meander.
Can you make a developer in 16-weeks?
April 20, 2023
Joining David today we have Chris Meah, School of Code CEO & founder, and James Aslett, Head of Education at Binance.
Can you articulate why your organisation or business matters?
April 18, 2023
On today's podcast, David meets Hoffman Agency MD Mark Pinsent, and Frequence President Oliver Jacob.
Why is Cloud currently the most invested in technology?
April 13, 2023
Brad Mallard (CTO of Version 1) is joining the podcast to talk about Cloud investment and sustainability.
Influencers reach emerging talent; what can we learn?
April 11, 2023
We talk to Laurence Benson, CEO of Spicy Food, and Holly Boothroyd, founder of HerHelloWorld, as we try to bridge the skills gap.
If AI is the answer, what's the question? Are humans scalable..?
April 4, 2023
On today's show we talk AI and analytics with Dmitry Shapiro, CEO of Koji and Anthony Deighton, Chief Product Officer at Tamr.
Should AI photos be marked as fake? Outbrain's co-CEO thinks so.
March 30, 2023
On this episode David is joined by Yaron Galai, Outbrain co-CEO and co-founder.
What's going to tempt people back into offices? Plus a detailed look at innovation.
March 28, 2023
On today's show we meet Jeff Grass, CEO & Chairman of HUNGRY, and Mat Hunter, CoCEO and CoFounder of PlusX.
Can AdTech be a force for good?
March 23, 2023
We visit New York to meet Connect Stories General Manager, Tommaso Vaccerella
People are the best line of defence against scalable threats
March 21, 2023
On the show this week: SoSafe CEO Niklas Helleman, and Maya Welford, host of 'That's My Name'
Technology helps us find a sustainable solution for weight-loss.
March 14, 2023
On the podcast this week David talks to OMP CEO Camilla Easter, and Hammerhead's VP Marketing Ross McGraw.
Dame Caroline Dinenage MP discusses the role of government in technology
March 7, 2023
To celebrate International Women's Day we welcome Airwallex's Jessie Apple, and Dame Caroline Dinenage, MP for Gosport.
How could enterprise grade Blockchain apply to your business?
February 28, 2023
This week we welcome Aventus Network chairman Alan Vey, and Growth Kitchen co-founder Mate Kun, to the podcast.
When we're drowning in data, how do we make it meaningful?
February 21, 2023
Joining David and Akeesh are Sudheesh Nair, CEO of ThoughtSpot, and Martin Warner, founder of Autonomous Flight Ltd.
Chivona Newsome tells us how love made New York City 40% safer.
February 14, 2023
Chivona Newsome, founder of Black Lives Matter GNY, Amit Nigam, VP Product at Beachfront and Thomas J. Vosper, CEO of aisle 3, all joins this weeks' show.
Leave the work to the experts, just give them the tools; meet two startups disrupting legacy sectors.
February 7, 2023
Today we talk to Dan Hobbs and Ciaran O'Mara, co-founders of Protex AI, and Max Buchan, founder of Worldr.
What do students want, versus the skills employers want? Major League Hacking are building a bridge.
January 31, 2023
This week David catches up with Major League Hacking co-founder Jonathan Gottfried, and Nokia's Head of the Global Enterprise Business Chris Johnson.

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