Understanding mental wellbeing and nurturing neurodiversity
May 10, 2022
Are you looking after your own mental wellbeing? Alex Craven from The Data City, and Anne-Sophie Fluri, from MindLabs, might be able to help.
Can technology help tackle the cost of living crisis?
May 3, 2022
Low income workers are feeling the pinch. Wagestream's Peter Briffett thinks technology can help.
What does a technology role model sound like?
April 26, 2022
"You can't be what you can't see"? Meet Emma Kay (WalkSafe) and Hannah Thomson (The Joy Club) two incredible role-models.
Tech Talks Extra: Interview with MacPaw CEO Oleksandr Kosovan
April 21, 2022
As the conflict in Ukraine becomes increasingly drawn-out we talk to Oleksandr, a technology entrepreneur who stayed in Kyiv.
Data is revolutionising women's health.
April 19, 2022
Dr Hannah Allen (Tinto) and Ekta Tibrewal (Savage) are both using data to help empower women.
"Technology is Not Neutral" - what place does ethics have in tech?
April 12, 2022
Stephanie Hare helps us grapple with the role of ethics in technology.
Neurodiversity is a competitive advantage
April 5, 2022
Melanie Curry, CEO of the Ron Davis Autism Foundation, and Freddie Moross, CEO of Aybe, join this week's show.
How is tech helping to avert the climate crisis?
March 29, 2022
How can tech help save the planet? Are ideas that can make a difference getting the funds they need?
How do you build a team and create an inclusive, innovative environment?
March 22, 2022
This Tolkien Day we explore a strong 'fellowship' in technology!
"The talent is phenomenal but the competition is fierce": We visit the Irish tech scene
March 15, 2022
This St Patrick's Day, we head to Ireland to see how the tech scene there is emerging from the pandemic.
A celebration of International Women's Day 2022
March 8, 2022
Let's help #BreakTheBias this international women's day!
We hear from a tech platform that helps you get moving!
March 1, 2022
Today it's a show about fitness, motivation and community. Getting you moving in a very 'ordinary Joe' way!
As we enter Fair Trade Fortnight, how is technology helping the farming community?
February 22, 2022
How can data and innovation lead to farmers getting more out of their land and stock?
How can tech help shake anxiety out of the sheets?
February 15, 2022
We tackle 'sexual norms' and get vulnerable this Valentine's Day.
How can government use technology to meet the needs of citizens?
February 8, 2022
As we access government services online with increasing regularity, can government meet the challenge and win public confidence?
How can technology businesses be secure, inclusive and ethical?
February 1, 2022
Does the mandate behind business need re-evaluating, and are our processes inclusive?
On Burns Night we explore how technology is meeting Scotland's challenges.
January 25, 2022
Find out how the CivTech Programme is helping business to use tech to find innovative solutions in Scotland.
How important is the office to working culture?
January 18, 2022
If you could work from anywhere, where would you work?
Funding the future: how do we support and finance the businesses shaping our planet?
January 11, 2022
How can we make sure responsible technology has the funding to flourish? What are the key ingredients you need to provide as a leader?
How do we commit to sustainability and become responsible global citizens?
January 4, 2022
What do individuals and organisations need to do, to be truly sustainable?
Looking into 2022 with Wedo and the Global Equality Collective
December 29, 2021
Indiana Gregg (Wedo) and Cat Wildman (GEC) give up time to both share their views on the upcoming new year.
ESG is not just a slogan; get it wrong and you'll lose business.
December 21, 2021
If you think ESG is just another tick the box exercise you're going to fall behind the competition.
Why in-person relationships are crucial in education regardless of the influence of technology.
December 14, 2021
On today's show we have Joysy John, CEO of 01 Founders, Felix Ohswald, CEO of GoStudent and Sainsbury's Roha Raheel.
Responsible innovation: can we make sure tech is good for society?
December 7, 2021
Joining the Tech Talks team on this week's show are Hyojeong Kim, Founder and CEO of NomadHer, and Sergei Anikin, CTO of Pipedrive.
How do founders and tech leaders maintain a healthy mental mindset?
November 30, 2021
Joining David Savage on this week's show are Craig Dunham, CEO of Deepcrawl, and Thomas Vosper, founder of Aisle 3.
"You kind of want to learn about this as a data scientist".
November 26, 2021
Does your company talk the language of a data scientist, will you attract the best talent?
Mike Rhodes shares the secrets of user retention (in the world of apps)
November 23, 2021
Got any apps you rarely open? Mike explains how organisations can keep those apps at the forefront of your mind with ConsultMyApp.
Globetrotter VR offer a vision of accessible and sustainable tourism.
November 19, 2021
Travel from your couch? Anastasia Pash is here with Globetrotter VR to open your eyes to new destinations.

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